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Future of Copyright contest winner announced24 maja 2012 Bez kategorii

* If you have problems downloading directly from us you may find this torrent useful.
* Mike Linksvayer wrote a great review of our book.

Stanczyk w pirackim kapeluszuIt is our great pleasure to announce the winner of the first edition of the „Future of Copyright” contest held by the Modern Poland Foundation. Our jury – Prof. Michael Geist, Piotr Czerski and Jarosław Lipszyc – awarded the main prize to Aymeric Mansoux, author of „Morphology of copyright tale”.

Moreover, the jury decided to grant an honorable mention to Togi, author of the work „Give”. Congratulations!

If you would like to read 10 best works which made it to anthology, you can download it for free – you may choose PDF, MOBI and EPUB version. All works are available under CC BY-SA license. List of all works send for the contest is available on the contest webpage.

We would like to thank you for your crowdfunding support and a high standard of the submitted works. We were pleasantly surprised by the interest shown in the competition, and we have decided to hold its second edition next year. We hope that with your help it will be even more successful and the collected works will provide a strong voice in the debate on the future of copyright law and system.

In the book you will find following stories:

* Jesse Betteridge „The Brick in Room 207
* Reuben Binns „History of Copyright 2012-Present
* Eddie „In Session
* Mike Linksvayer „Future of Copyright
* Aymeric Mansoux „Morphology of a copyright tale
* Alf Melin „Remote Kill
* Carlos Solís „Blurred – a utopian story
* Roland Spitzlinger „Future of Copyright
* Togi „Give
* Jarosław Żyła „Heritage of ACTA